Thursday, November 3, 2011

Creating a Strong Password

Many years ago, my eBay account was hacked and I received a notice via email that someone had posted a classic motorcycle for sale on my account with a ridiculously low price! Yikes! This was not good! With just a few headaches, time spent and crazy twists, I was finally able to get the listing removed, fees removed and my passwords changed.  I learned quickly that a strong password was critical. But was it really that strong? From Steve Gibson's website check out the following: 

"Which of the following two passwords is stronger,
more secure, and more difficult to crack?"


According to Steve, the first one is better! It is one character longer and contains uppercase, lowercase, a number and special characters. This secure website, called Haystack, can help you check out potential passwords.  It is pretty comforting when you see that with a "Massive Cracking Array Scenario: (Assuming one hundred trillion guesses per second)" that your new password would potentially take 1.74 centuries to hack, hypothetically speaking, of course.  Check out Haystack at

Did you know? 
 The #1 most commonly used password is “123456”, and the 4th most common is “Password.” 

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