Monday, November 28, 2011

Cyber Monday and Bonus Freebie

Wow.. Black Friday had a black eye this year with a woman using pepper spray on other customers for an Xbox, a grandfather bloodied by police while being arrested for alleged shoplifting, shootings, fights, and even looting.  Obviously, these are not the norm which is why they make the news, but it makes a person wonder about heading out for those "super deals".

So, we move on to Cyber Monday. Well it started last week with online retailers trying to get a jump on the holiday sales and for some websites, will continue all week with great deals, such as* and Others are offering great discounts, so scout out your favorite stores, check out the great deals and get your holiday shopping done. With that over, can relax and enjoy a relaxed holiday season. 

A bonus!  After you're done cyber shopping, print out these coupons and stop by Waffle House for a free waffle or cup of coffee.  Don't wait, as they will expire shortly!

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