Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Word Processing Confusionisms

With the vast amount of word processing programs that are available today, no one should be missing this option on their computer. The problem is when you want to share the file with other people. With Microsoft, we have the 2007 version, then add OpenOffice and their versions.. all with different file extensions at the end of the file name (.doc, .odp, .docx etc.)  Talk about confusing!

Generally speaking, you can open these files on various computers with newer software but older versions just don't have the capability to open .odp or .docx files, for example. 

If you are unsure about the recipient's software, I suggest you use .doc when you save your file to allow your document to be backwards compatible. If you have a newer word processing program you can use .pdf.  This format can be opened by most computers automatically.  Older computers may need to download a free reader. Office 2007 should have the PDF option when you select "Save As". If it doesn't you can download an add-on from Microsoft

With OpenOffice you can create a PDF by selecting "Click Export as PDF"
Have an older word processing program and not ready to upgrade? You can download a free PDF converting program at

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