Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 New Year Resolutions

So.. it is time to implement those New Year resolutions... There are so many great tools online to help you get started..
  1. 2012 Goal to lose weight? Check out SparkPeople.. one of the best (and free) sites to document and connect with others. Another site is MyFitnessPal with tools and calculators.
  2. Pay off your debt?  Well, is a great group to help you get your financial house in order with calculators, articles, free downloads and free coaching.
  3. Considering starting a business, a side line or home business?  Check out New Venture Lab: Equipping Christian Entrepreneurs. This site includes a Venture Analysis to help you determine if your idea is worthwhile.  Startup failure rates are pretty high, so be sure to have wise counsel before you start.  Also check out the Small Business Administration for some tools and suggestions.
  4. Starting exercise on your list? Don't go and pay for the gym membership! Start walking, running, exercising at home or get active with sports. SparkPeople has exercise videos and a log to track your exercising. You can watch videos at WorkOutz or have the entire family participate in the President's Challenge.
  5. For your spiritual growth, you might consider reading the Bible over the next year. There are numerous sources online that break down the Old and New Testament into reasonable sections, even chronologically. Check out the Bible Reading Plans and find the one that works for you or go to for a calendar of reading which averages three chapters a day. BibleGateway will even send you email reminders.
 So, start the year off right... plan your resolution and take the first steps to be successful in 2012.  It is always nice to start off strong.. but remember to pace your self and never quit.. even when you stumble.  This truly will help you keep your resolution until 2013.

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