Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Disposable Email Addresses

I do a considerable amount of couponing and many commercial sites want me to register and verify my email.. but my email account is getting clogged with all these products emailing me weekly or even more in the name of marketing.  I just want to buy it on occasion, not have an intimate relationship with it!  So here is a helper in your quest of reduced marketing email. You can now get disposable email addresses.

These sites and many like them, allow you to setup an quick email for that registration but the ultimately -
 At 10 Minute Mail you visit the website and an address is automatically generated for you. You then refresh the webpage to see if you have received any new messages and to read them.  - BugMeNot collects the emails and keeps them for a maximum of 24 hours. Just visit the site and enter the name that you have selected during account creation into the form field.All emails that have been send to BugMeNot in the last 24 hours are then displayed.

Hopefully these companies that collect email addresses start to understand that customers should have a choice, to register or not and only require email for newsletters that are requested, especially for a 50 cent coupon.  MHO

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