Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lazarus: Reviving your Submissions

The other evening I was taking a test for one of my courses and all at once the server crashed and I could not submit my test!  I panicked.. how do I save this information? Will I have to take it all over again?  Thankfully, the test actually did save, so the fears didn't come to fruition, but it did make me start thinking about my options.

Lazarus, a form recovery browser add-on, gives you some peace of mind when it comes to saving your perfect words in the Facebook response or blog post.

Lazarus works with Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari. The best part of all is that is is free, although they would appreciate donations if you find it to be beneficial to you. (Even a small donation helps these companies to continue to offer products for free. Don't take them for granted.)  What a great online tool that makes our lives just a little bit easier! ☺

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