Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mousy Scroll Wheel Quick Tips

We all know that scroll wheel on the top of the mouse allows us to scroll up and down on the page. But it can do some other cute little actions too.
  • Click your mouse scroll wheel and you can auto-scroll up and down the page.
  •  You can use it to zoom in (or out) of a document or webpage. Just hold the CTRL key and scroll the scroll wheel up and down.  Neat eh?
  • Now my favorite... Hold the SHIFT key and scroll up and down.. you can move back and forward in your browser. How cool is that? 
Want to tweak your scrolling?   Go the the START button and in the search, type "Mouse". Under the control Panel category you should see Mouse [hover over it and it will tell you that it is for customizing your mouse settings] . Click on that and you can customize your settings. Select the scroll wheel tab and you can adjust the number of lines the scroll wheel will advance.  Horizontal scrolling is only available on mice that have that feature. If you can tilt the scroll wheel of your mouse side to side.. now you know how to adjust that as well.  The video below can be found on YouTube so feel free to share, make comments etc.

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