Monday, February 27, 2012

The Perfect Image: Public Domain

1913 - Cover of program for women's suffrage procession.
 So, you need an image for that school project,  or want some vintage images for that craft idea?

The public domain refers to works whose intellectual property rights have expired, or been forfeited.  Just because it is "old" does not mean the copyright has expired. Some works may never fully lapse into the public domain. For example, A perpetual crown copyright is held for the Authorized King James Version of the Bible in the UK. So, let's just focus on public domain images available online here in the USA.

Give credit where credit is due, proper attribution to the author or source of a work, even if it is in the public domain, is still stated to avoid plagiarism. ☺

Did you know that works of the United States Government and various other governments are excluded from copyright law. That does not mean that all images found on .gov websites are public domain since the government may use copyrighted works. State and local governments usually do retain a copyright on their works.

So, here are a few image sources to get you started: 

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