Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Teach Kids About Online Safety

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There are some key points that your children need to know as you allow them to venture onto the Internet. Many times we take these things for granted but kids need your instruction and guidance.

1. Keep password secret.  Even my 19 year old recently used our Netflix account on a friend's computer.. DUH!  The first rule of Internet safety is: keep passwords secret.

2.  When kids use social networks, they are often vulnerable to phishing scams, cyber-bullying, and Internet predators.  Teach them never to share personal information and to communicate with you any situation that makes them unsure or uncomfortable.

3. If your kids are blogging, preview what they are writing before they post. They could be providing too much information, putting themselves in danger. 

4. Teach them to be wary of things that are too good to be true. Kids are easily scammed and account for 31% of the reported identity theft.

5. Educate yourself and share with your kids. Keep yourself aware of what they are doing online and avoid unsupervised Internet for younger kids and put safeguards, restrictions and parental controls for older children and teens.

For more reading check out these sources.

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