Thursday, March 8, 2012

Traveling Entertainment: Audio Books

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We are heading out of a long weekend and I realized that I better get some brain food for the trip.. audio books! But I hate spending money for this, so I ~popped~ online for a few downloads.  My first stop?

LibriVox - Free, yes free, audio books (not computer generated) of public domain books. I picked out a G.A. Henty and Sherlock Holmes.

Then a trip to the library - online, of course.. They have free audio downloads.. check
you local library for this option. A couple of  newer books would be nice. - A fantastic resource has a collection of old time radio shows! Our Miss Brooks, Superman and the Lux Radio Theater.. Hours of great shows.

Of course, there are many, many more locations online for free audio books.

Although this is not a pleasure trip, we will have great listening on the way for very little $$$. Now that makes it just a little bit better. ☺

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