Monday, April 9, 2012

Changing your Desktop Background

This may be a simple thing to some, but to others, it probably is just one of those features that you never thought to change.  But this customizing really personalizes your computer and it just might bring a smile to your face each time you face the monitor!

So, you have a picture you would like to have as your background? How about a series of pictures, like some of your animals, friends, kids or grandkids?  I have a theme (a series of pictures) of horses that changes every thirty minutes.  How cool is that?

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In Windows 7, right click on the desktop and click on "Personalize" once with your left mouse button. [The box that pops up is called a dialogue box.]  You can personalize your screen by selecting preset themes or you can put together your own by clicking the "Desktop Background" near the bottom left.

At that point you can browse your files to find the picture(s) you would like to add to the desktop. You may need to play around with the picture position to fill, fit, stretch or center the image depending on the size of the image your are using.

XP Desktop Dialog Box
With Vista, this is a little bit different as you don't have the "themes".  So when you right click on the desktop to personalize, left click the Desktop Background link to display the Desktop Background. You can now browse the Windows pictures (called "wallpaper") or your own picture.

In Windows XP, changing your desktop background looks different but has many of the same features.  Right click on the desktop, Click on "Properties", once with your left mouse button.  Click on the desktop tab at the top. Here you can select the windows preselected options or browse your images to add one of your own.  It also have options on the side such as stretching your image, tile it or have it fixed. You can also change the surrounding color.

Once you customize your desktop background, you will find the computer just a little bit more inviting. ☺

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