Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fixin' and Organizing Your Photographs

Euharlee Covered Bridge © Rebecca McAllister
I have a lot of people come to me for advise... pretty regularly. Over the last couple of days, it has been about Photography. Not that I am a professional photographer, but I do enjoy the hobby and I work with computers, so it must be the reason.  If you are getting a sense of déjà vu, I did briefly discuss online photo editing options in the past.

First, someone wanted to resize a picture for a contest. Maybe make some minor modifications and wanted to know what the best option might be to accomplish this job. Obviously there is lot of software available but boom! a lack of time to install, learn and configure, so the next option. Let's look to the 'cloud', another name for online software or online servers, to manipulate the picture quickly, by just uploading!  For the quick fix, I directed her to Pixlr, a simple and easy to use online photo editing too. Want to do some cool photo effects? Got to Pixlr's O-matic website.

Then, I was asked how to organize a large assortment of pictures. Another free option is Picasa, by Google.  This is software that you download to your computer, not to be confused with the online storage called the same thing.  They all have to do with photography, I guess.  Picasa also lets you edit and upload your pictures, so it has multiple features that will help you keep your digital photos organized and easier to sort and enjoy.

One final note to add is that you need to back up your photos as hard drives are not permanent and could one day could be the next piece of scrap metal in your home.  Don't take risks with your photographic history. Back up your images to CD/DVD (which the shelf life is unknown and does have a risk of damage) store them online to Dropbox or other online storage such as Picasa or Flickr. After all, a remote server will preserve your photos even if your computer is stolen, the house catches fire or the disks disintegrate into dust. ☺

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