Friday, April 20, 2012

Time to Defrag

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The disk defragmenter helps your computer (Mac or Windows) run more efficiently.  After you have removed unused files and old programs, your file system is disorganized and fragmented. Basically the files are a mess in the file cabinet and are not using the space efficiently, slowing the system down as it tries harder to access the files you need. This is the time to optimize your file system, making it run quicker and access files and this is what this program does. 

First things first. 
  • Find a time that you aren't using the computer.
  • Don't do a defrag when there is a chance of a power outage (during a storm for example) unless you have a UPS backup power source. 
  • Close down as many programs as possible including things running on the right side of the taskbar, such as programs for your printer, or Dropbox, for example.
Windows 7 Disk Defrag
  1. Click the "Start Menu" button and type defrag into your run/search. If that doesn't work,
    1. Click on the "Start Menu"
    2. Select "All Programs"
    3. Select the folder called "Accessories"
    4. Select the folder called "System Tools"
    5. Select "Disk Defragmenter"
  2. In Windows 7, you can schedule your computer to run a defrag regularly or do it manually. You can also see if your computer is fragmented. (See the example). In Windows Vista, the screen looks a little different but has similar options.  In Windows XP, the screen looks different again, but has a button for defrag. See the screen shot below.

    Vista Disk Defrag
XP Disk Defrag

 Mac also has a disk defrag. As I am not as familiar with the Mac,  you can read more about how to defrag your computer at this website.

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