Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Audio Books: A Time Saving Device

Hola! ¿Hablas español?

First day of class and I have quite a drive to school. Yes, I can enjoy the scenery, but I prefer to make better use of my time, so I downloaded a couple of books to my Kindle online from the library. On the way to school, I was learning beginning Spanish.  I probably won't be proficient after the semester but I know that it is a good use of time. Even if it is just listening to a fictional book it makes the drive less stressful and the time goes by much quicker.  So, I came home and did some checking.. Not only does my library allow me to borrow and listen to audio books, there are tons of audio books or podcasts online that can be downloaded and added to your mp3 player, iPhone,  burned to a CD, or even downloaded to a tablet. Our older car has a cassette player and with an $5.00 or less cassette adapter. With that I can plug in my tablet and use the audio system of the car to listen to my audio.  

Tiene un gran día. (Have a great day! ☺)

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