Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Back in Time: Old Time Radio Shows

Watched a movie last night. A romance, a great plot and of course, swearing and sex. How disappointing.  It really didn't improve the movie one little bit. It wasn't necessary to the storyline. When will Hollywood learn that crude language and endorsing sex before marriage is reasonable and acceptable?  I don't agree with it and sometimes it is worth finding something better.  But where?  Well, you can find it on the Internet!

Old Time Radio Shows are a great way to listen to great stories, with fun and excitement. The days of sitting around the radio has passed but it doesn't change the value of these shows. I have quite a collection I have built over the years. - Listen to old time radio shows online for free!

Old Time Radio at - Screen Director's Playhouse, Johnny Cash Show, Superman and so much more! - Lux Radio Theater (Often with classics such as National Velvet and Anna and the King of Siam), Science Fiction, Detectives, Westerns, Mysteries and Thrillers. - over 12,000 OTR shows available for instant listening. - Want shows that are geared toward homeschoolers? Classics like The Long Winter, David Copperfield or you can purchase collections that have been bundled and themed. We used to use these as we drove to homeschool activities.

Check back tomorrow to find those great online sources for movie and TV classics online.☺

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