Thursday, May 24, 2012

How Do We Prepare Students for a Global Knowledge Economy?

I recently participated in a discussion regarding the direction of our community here in Northwest Georgia. Although many candidates for our county commission would like to see more manufacturing jobs, I truly feel that we are not preparing our students to be part of the 'global economy'. Why are we happy with more retail jobs at minimum wage or warehouse  jobs for $10 per hour?  In our community we can strive to provide a better education geared toward the future. We can also improve our local economy with drawing technology related businesses that are required to have access to highways and won't require more truck routes into our area.

We, as a community, aren't preparing our students to strive for better jobs. We, as a community need to move into the 21st century before its too late.

Check out this seminar on preparing our students for a global knowledge economy.  I hope you will consider the need to prepare your children for the world with soft skills such as discovery, adaptiveness, diligence, perseverance and curiosity.

'How Do We Prepare Students for a Global Knowledge Economy?: With highly technical jobs vanishing overseas, and manufacturing jobs that once dominated our economy now but a vague memory, we're left to wonder what today's students will find when they enter the job market. The answer: They will find a knowledge economy in which creativity and ingenuity reign supreme. Off-shoring programming and development is easy and often makes economic sense; off-shoring innovation isn't easy and is where our students will need to shine.

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