Monday, July 23, 2012

New Facebook Features: Editing, Timeline cards and comment buttons

There are some new changes on Facebook. One of them is an 'upgrade'.  You used to be able to edit a comment (not a post) within about 60 seconds of the posting but unfortunately the option disappeared if someone else commented before you decided to edit it.

Now, as of June, 2012, you can edit the comment at any time. It is available on the upper corner of the right hand side of your comment. Once finished, it will show the comment was edited and show the change that was made underneath the comment.  Also, if someone has notifications, they will receive two notices, one for the the original post and one for the edited post, so keep this in mind if you edit, edit, edit! This change really helps when following the flow of the thread as your only option in the past was to delete and re-post, often further down.

Another change you might have noticed is if you are commenting, the comment button has disappeared.  Once you hit enter your comment is posted. If you wish to get long winded and add a paragraph break, press Shift + Enter.

Last but not least, you can now see a change when you hover over someone's profile picture on Facebook. You see a little different view called a "timeline card".  Matter of fact, for a limited time, is giving away Facebook Timeline cards for your personal or business use for the cost of shipping... not bad for 50 freebies. 

Now Facebook needs to let you edit your original posts in the same manner instead of only having the option to delete them and start over. Maybe that will be in another set of updates.☺

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