Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dangers with Unsecured WiFi

This is a MAJOR concern. If your wireless router connection in your home is not secure, you risk other people using your internet connection.

Just a few weeks ago, a home in Evansville, Indiana home was raided, the front window was broken and the SWAT team threw a flash-bang stun grenades into the living room, with the local TV news cameras rolling (invited by the local police). According to the Evanville Courier and Press, "Police were executing a search warrant for computer equipment, which they said was used to make anonymous and specific online threats against police and their families on the website" But this family wasn't making threats...a person down the street using their unsecured WiFi was making the posts.

If you don't have a good encrypted password on your wireless router, someone could be stealing your internet service or worse, posing as you online. Documentation to secure your router came with your equipment but if you don't have this information or don't know how to secure your network, contact a reputable computer tech service. ☺

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