Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Search and Rescue V

In previous search tips, we have shown how to search a specific website with Google.

This Google search tip is really simple and effective. Looking for a similar website or something related?  Just type "related:" (see the image below). Don't put a space between the colon and the address. This will be extremely handy for looking for similar content.

Are you looking for a quiz answer? Fill in the blank!  Although most punctuation is ignored in Google, this is an exception to that rule. Add an asterisk (*) in place of the part of the sentence or question you want finished. For example, "Leif Erikson discovered *" and your answer will be popping up shortly! 

Search engines are incredible tools that open the world, just like a library did so many years ago.  Learn to use that tool and grab hold of the adventures and knowledge you can discover!

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