Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Touch Screen Gadgets

It is hard to take a picture of finger smudges!
Hours (and 60+ levels) of "Jewels Star" has left my (Kindle) tablet looking less than stellar. I am sure this issue is also for anyone that owns a smart phone or other items with a touch sensitive screen. Wiping it with a soft dry cloth just isn't doing much good but how to clean it? Well, the manual says... (Maintaining Your Kindle)

"Clean the screen with a soft cloth; be careful not to wipe it with anything abrasive."

That might work for regular finger prints, but how about that taco sauce?  Ugh!

Keep two things handy for this simple project..
  • microfiber cloth
  • sprayer containing distilled water or an alcohol free lens cleaner solution
Wipe with the microfiber cloth. Most of the time this will do the trick and solve your problem. If you feel you must wipe it down with a liquid, very lightly SPRAY THE CLOTH, not the surface and a  wipe down the screen.  There are many cleaning solutions quite willing to take your money but I wouldn't go that far unless you had eye glasses, then it could become a multi-use product. ☺

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