Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Extending the Apple Battery Life

 By Sean McAllister

One thing many people complain about when using an iPhone or iPod is the minimal battery life. Truth be told though, there are many ways to extend the battery life of your iDevice (iPhone, iPod, etc.) Below are 3 simple ways to squeeze a few more hours out of your device.

1: Screen Brightness
This has a much bigger impact on your device’s battery then most people think. The brighter your screen is set to the more it will drain your battery.  Try to find a happy medium during the day, not too bright, not too dim. At night turn the brightness down as much as possible. This is does leaps and bounds for your battery.

2: Wifi or 3G
Your iDevice is constantly searching for a better signal, this is one of the main reasons the batteries are drained so fast. 3G naturally uses more power then Edge (standard signal); keep that in mind if your battery is running low.  Same goes for Wifi, don’t turn it on until you need it!

3: Bluetooth
Unless you’re using it turn off your Bluetooth! If turned on, it will constantly search for something to pair up with. Why put the extra pull on your battery if you aren’t using it?

This should give you a start in maximizing your iDevice’s battery life.  Check back for more great tips!

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