Friday, February 3, 2012

Saving Face... Book

Step 1 - General Account Settings

I started with Facebook many years ago. I have uploaded hundreds of pictures, notes containing some of my favorite recipes and some fun quotes as well.  What a problem it would be if I had to download individually each and every one of those pictures, copy all those docs.. well, there is a solution. Facebook allows you to download a copy of your Facebook Data..  Click on the Home drop down menu, click on Account Settings, click on "Download a copy of your Facebook Data.. This may take a little bit but they send you an email to go back and download the zip file. How cool is that?

Step 2 - Download Information Page
Your archive includes:

  • Any photos or videos you've shared on Facebook
  • Your Wall posts, messages and chat conversations
  • Your friends' names and some of their email addresses
 It doesn't include:
  • Your friends' photos and status updates
  • Other people's personal info
  • Comments you've made on other people's posts

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Giving Directions to Stalkers

This is very definitely a security issue and should be taken seriously.  I highly recommend you turn off the GPS part of your smart phone.  Please watch this video.

Just turn off the GPS -- more information at

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Play on Words

WORDS.. As a recent youtube video showed, American's are just not wordy people! This really is a shame because the better the words, the clearer the picture!

words are critical to society so knowing the meaning of a word might make the difference between getting angry because you have been insulted or thrilled because you have been complimented. One recent speech I attended had the normally well spoken speaker mispronouncing a word, over and over. 

Want to improve your vocabulary? How about how to pronounce that word in your next presentation? Nothing more embarrassing that getting it wrong. has some great tools including quotes, translators, thesaurus, puzzles, Word of the Day and Hotwords, telling those interesting stories behind the words.  Lots to discover on this website journey!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Funny Little Characters

Ever wonder how to make those cute facebook symbols such as musical notes and hearts on your PC? You can add them to your documents, emails and more if you know the secret. These are special character codes. Although there are different ways to create these, this is a fairly easy keyboard shortcut to what is called the "character map" on your computer. [You can find the character map by clicking on the Microsoft start menu button and typing in "Character Map".]

If you’re on a laptop make sure you ‘Num Lock’ is on! The ‘Num Lock’ button is on the top right of your keyboard. Next, hold down ‘alt’ (the one in the bottom left of your keyboard or on either side of the space bar) and type the following on the numeric keyboard (not the top row of numbers):

Hold ‘alt’ then type 1 – ☺
Hold ‘alt’ then type 2 – ☻
Hold ‘alt’ then type 3 – ♥
Hold ‘alt’ then type 4 – ♦
Hold ‘alt’ then type 5 – ♣
Hold ‘alt’ then type 6 – ♠
Hold ‘alt’ then type 7 – •
Hold ‘alt’ then type 8 – ◘
Hold ‘alt’ then type 9 – ○
Hold ‘alt’ then type 10 – ◙
Hold ‘alt’ then type 11 – ♂
Hold ‘alt’ then type 12 – ♀
Hold ‘alt’ then type 13 – ♪
Hold ‘alt’ then type 14 – ♫
Hold ‘alt’ then type 15 – ☼
Hold ‘alt’ then type 16 – ►
Hold ‘alt’ then type 17 – ◄
Hold ‘alt’ then type 18 – ↕
Hold ‘alt’ then type 19 – ‼ (it’s one character!)
Hold ‘alt’ then type 20 – ¶

Now, you can sing ♫ ♪ Happy Birthday ♫ ♪ to your friends!

(First published by McAllister Park Design on Facebook, November 12, 201.)

Monday, January 30, 2012

Flying with Technology

Before the Internet and the wonderful technology available to us today, people that were overwhelmed with the task of cleaning and organizing their home were left with TV shows that made them feel inferior, crushing
self-help books or embarrassing, often critical, advise of a friend or loved one.  This is one area where technology has improved our lives immensely.

Welcome to the FlyLady.  She is Marla Watson Cilley, a lady that has walked a mile in your shoes.  She joined Sidetracked Home Executives ( to help her fight her way out of the chaos (Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome) of her home. Finding joy and comfort in an uncluttered life she started mentoring others, starting out with a small email list of people in 1999. That email list now helps hundreds of thousands of "flybabies" each and every day. She has been where you are, she is non-judgmental, and it is all taught in the privacy of your home, every day with a about ten reminder emails a day.

Her mission is simple.. helping you take baby steps starting on  Day one with the simple task of cleaning your sink.  It may be just a little thing, but it is a place to start on the wonderful journey of  FLYING: Finally Loving Yourself at