Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Facebook Etiquette

To close out the week, here is a thought provoking.. ok.. simple... video about social media etiquette.  Remember.. this stuff will be out there FOREVER.  Use common sense.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Traveling Entertainment: Audio Books

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We are heading out of a long weekend and I realized that I better get some brain food for the trip.. audio books! But I hate spending money for this, so I ~popped~ online for a few downloads.  My first stop?

LibriVox - Free, yes free, audio books (not computer generated) of public domain books. I picked out a G.A. Henty and Sherlock Holmes.

Then a trip to the library - online, of course.. They have free audio downloads.. check
you local library for this option. A couple of  newer books would be nice. - A fantastic resource has a collection of old time radio shows! Our Miss Brooks, Superman and the Lux Radio Theater.. Hours of great shows.

Of course, there are many, many more locations online for free audio books.

Although this is not a pleasure trip, we will have great listening on the way for very little $$$. Now that makes it just a little bit better. ☺

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Remove the Dust Bunnies: Cleaning the Computer

Bunnies are cute.. Dust bunnies, pet hair and smoke are major hazards to your computer. A dusty environment can create some serious issues, as much or more than a virus. It could seriously reduce the life of your system.

Computers have fans that are important to their function, outside and inside the case. The outside fans suck cool air into the computer. Dust can reduce the fans efficiency or even stop it altogether as dust can damage the internal bearings. The internal fans help cool down individual components that must be kept cool to operate properly.

Heat is a serious problem for computers and dust acts as insulation on your system. Dust can even cause a short in the system electronics.  If your processor overheats or shorts out, it would do irreversible damage to important parts of the computer.

As the job can be dusty, I recommend taking the case outside to remove the dust.  I won't go into opening the case as many are different, but it is something you should be familiar with or get it professionally serviced regularly.

Gently spray the fans and internal boards with compressed air or gently vacuumed with a micro vacuum. Do not use a cloth or paper towels as the lint can be just as damaging as the dust.

 Many websites recommend compressed air, but be sure to use the can designed for electronics or computers so it won't have water vapor inadvertently sprayed on the inside of your computer, although many now have a safe bitterant added to help discourage inhalant abuse. *author sadly shakes head*. Spay the compressed air in spurts don't let the container get cold. Spray a couple seconds then wait a couple. HOLD THE FAN while you are spraying it, keeping it from spinning.  For a laptop, you can use a needle inserted in the vent to keep the fan from rotating and then spray the compressed air into the vent.

The outside of the case can be wiped down with a damp cloth as long as no moisture gets into the components such as the back panel, usb ports or DVD bays.  Compressed air can be used to blow out any dust or particles in these areas.

So, kick out those dust bunnies. Keep your computer fully functional and healthy! ☺

Monday, March 5, 2012

Taking a Sick Day..

Our household has had a good case of the viral bug so I am going to take a couple of days off to care for my family but to give you something to think about, this was found on Pinterest.. unfortunately, I don't know the author.

Have a great day! ☺