Friday, October 11, 2013

"Do Not Track" Me

Most of us are concerned about security, where our browsing and purchasing choices being recorded for advertising purposes. This is not the same as "Big Brother is watching" but is a security issue just the same.

There is a feature on many of our browsers that tell the websites you visit that you do not want to them to track your visit. Keep in mind that is a voluntary service and individual sites do not have to honor your wishes. For those that do, it will reduce some of the targeted advertising you see as you browse the web.

Firefox Tracking Option
Turning this feature on will not have any effect on logging into websites or your browser from remembering your history or other options.

In Firefox, you can access this feature by going to Options, Privacy and selecting the option of your choice.

I.E. 10 Tracking Protection

In Internet Explorer 10 it takes a few more steps as you have more options.

1. Go to your Tools (gear in upper right corner)
2. Select Safety
3. Select Tracking Option
4. Select Enable or Disable.

In Chrome, you go to choose to disable tracking in the Privacy settings by
1. Clicking the Chrome menu
2. Select Settings
3. Select Show advanced settings
4. Select Privacy.

If you want to read more about this tracking, other browser options or the sites that honor your Do Not Track feature, go to

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