Thursday, October 10, 2013

Facebook and Recipes, Lots of Recipes!

So, I do enjoy recipes and they are a harmless collection, but more and more recipes are showing up on FB. My son says it is because all the "old" folks showed up on FB, but I say that old and young can share the platform, but I digress.
You find this great recipe posted on Facebook (Or Pinterest) and decide you want to keep it, so you post it on your wall so you can find it again.. but wait.. it isn't alphabetical, you can't even search for it, so that recipe you want to use is now listed 10 miles down your timeline somewhere under 2011.

Image of Evernote Web ClipperHonestly, there are better ways and I would love to hear your suggestions. This is what I do. I use my Evernote program to save the document. There is a cute link on my browser navigation (featuring an elephant) at the top of my browser.

I highlight the text of the recipe, click the elephant button and Evernote Web Clipper pops up. I have a category all set for Recipes and click the Clip selection button. I am done.

When I want to get the recipe, they are all found in Evernote where I can browse OR search for the recipe of my choice. Since Evernote saves my information "to the cloud", I can access it from my desktop computer, laptop or even my tablet or phone.

Now don't think that it can only save recipes, oh no! Pictures, webpages, quotes, letters, ideas... Evernote helps you manage all those snippets.  The best part?  Free... yep, my favorite word, Free.

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