Monday, January 13, 2014

Free Christian E-books

I am willing to shout this from the mountain tops. I am a Christian, not because I am perfect,  or by any 'good' thing that I ever did. I am saved because I accepted the free gift of salvation from God.

That being said, I prefer clean, decent books to read. I don't require them to always be about God or Jesus but I dislike swearing, lustful sex, violence, drugs, excessive alcohol et al. in my reading material. Some might consider that wimpy but hey,  I read for pleasure and enjoyment, so that is my criteria for reading material. Of course, I also enjoy reading computer and technology books so I am wimpy and geeky. ☺

I use my Kindle Fire HD (a gift at Christmas) almost exclusively for reading and I am cheap,
cheap, cheap (in other words, broke, poor, just shy of being a vagrant.)

So, I used to watch come dedicated bloggers that look through the stacks on Amazon looking for those freebies, many of which are quite good, but hey.. 1 out of 20 are Christian or clean reading.  Ugh!

Did you know that you don't need a blogger to find the freebies?

Religious and Inspirational Books - Keep in mind that this includes ALL religious books, not just Christian titles.

Christian Fiction - Narrow down your selection by clicking on the department on the left side and find Historical fiction, Mysteries, Romance or Contemporary.

Computer and Technology Books

Just watch before you click. Prices can change hourly!

Happy Reading!

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