Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Backing Up Your Computer Files

Well, my computer is running just a little slower today as I write this, not because I am playing some high graphics game, but because I have been lax at backing up my files. My 1TB secondary hard drive is kept for business purposes but hard drive .  I spent yesterday archiving and deleting older files that I no longer need to DVDs and today, I am backing up the rest of the business drive to a flash drive for easy access.

Now, most people don't have 98GB of files and documents on their drive but if you did, you might consider a PNY 128 GB flash drive like I just picked up, for about $40.  I remember the days when I was excited to get a 5MB hard drive for $100 but I digress.
There are also online services and cloud (see yesterday's post) that will automatically sync or back up specific folders on your system that you select. There are a number of paid online backup services like Mozy, Carbonite, which would be quicker to restore to your computer in case of a catastrophe. 

You can also use a wide range of backup software options. It has been said that important information should be stored in two or more physical locations, so cloud backups are a great deal without having to deal with safe deposit boxes or asking Mom to put the DVDs in her closet. So what do you need to back up?  All your documents, photos, videos, emails, bookmarks (if not already synced) and application settings. We will go into that more in the near future. ☺

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