Monday, March 17, 2014

Maintainance Monday: Facebook Apps

My cousin, who shall remain nameless, has some sort of app that keeps asking me my birthday. I have decided I don't really want the app as I know she has access to my birthday in a couple of different locations.  My thought processes (which can be very bouncy at times) took me to the list of  my FB apps that actually do have access to my information in some way or another.  Yikes! What a list!  Where did some of these come from?  I don't truly know, but I am going to do some "spring cleaning" today.

App Settings

Location of App link in Settings
General Account Settings
  1. On your desktop or laptop, sign into Facebook. 
  2. Click the gear on the upper right hand corner. 
  3. Go to "Settings" on the drop-down menu.
  4. Click on the Apps on the left side menu (see image)
  5. Click the "X" on the right to remove the app you don't use. 
  6. Click the "Edit" to find out more about the app
  7. You can change the "Visibility of app" by selecting who sees the posts, Public, Friends or even Only Me.  You can customize this as well, maybe only friends that are playing your favorite game can see the game posts, for example.

So, this little project took me about 15 minutes and I removed about half of the apps that I had in my FB account.  I also changed some settings so things weren't so public.  I feel like I was semi-productive.   Oh, and about that app that keeps trying to add me? Grab the name of the app, then go to "Blocking" on the left hand side of the General Account Settings (see image above). Enter in the name of the app you wish to block. Hit enter and boom. No more access requests. Give it a try! ☺

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