Monday, March 31, 2014

Recent Facebook Changes

So, when I opened up my Facebook the other day, I noticed things looked different. Of course that was just after I wrote a tutorial on changing the settings for game requests on Facebook which is not not absolutely correct. Ugh!  So, what did they change?  Well, just a few things which are mostly cosmetic in nature.
  • The made the pictures in the news feed larger.  Woohoo!
  • The font is larger.  (Well, we could do that manually with Zoom In and Zoom Out, right?)
  • Some minor design style or size changes with a few of the icons such as "Add Photos/Videos" and “People You May Know” sections. 
  • Added a little bit of color (blue) on the side panels which used to be white.
All of the changes were visual so it had no impact on how things show up in your news feeds. I like the new look, not a major overhaul but minor improvements. This mixed with the recent decision to drop "Sponsored Stories" from hogging my news feed is also a good move even if it did take a lawsuit to bring it to an end. ☺
  • Larger images that span the entire news feed (who doesn’t like larger photos)
  • New font that they made a little larger (and easier to read)
  • Slight design tweaks to icons on the “update status” and the “add photos/videos” tabs across the top
  • Minor color changes for the background
  • Larger buttons added to the “people you may know” section along the right rail

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