Thursday, May 1, 2014

Cut the Cable Cord and Save!

As I believe I have written about in the past, we no longer have satellite or cable television.  We gave it up a number of years ago when we realized we were paying about $10 per show since we didn't watch that much TV. And the shows were were watching were shows such as Alton Brown's Good Eats, Mythbusters and the Andy Griffith Show!  For a while my husband and son did watch Braves ball games but with their busy schedule, that fell by the wayside.  We did consider downgrading our package but then we wouldn't have any of the channels we wanted to watch.  Yes, I am aware that we could be considered boring old fogies.

So, I after a failed experiment with creating a media computer,  I decided to purchase a Roku.  There are many similar boxes out there, such as the Apple TV or Chromecast.  I like our Roku boxes and with YouTube being added recently to our newer streaming box, it is an added bonus as there is a lot of material on YouTube to follow and enjoy.  The cost of the box was a fraction of our yearly satellite bill which ran around $65 per month at the time.

Now, I pay for Netflix streaming which as some 9,381 movies and 4500 TV shows. Then there is my  Amazon prime account which I keep for the shipping and have the added benefit of an additional 40,000 streaming movies and TV shows.  My son pays for Hulu Plus, but my husband and I have plenty with the channels plus the new YouTube channel.  For example, we just finished watching a Hasta Alaska where some young people are driving from Chile to Alaska in a VW bus. A little insane but hey, what a road trip!

So, with the streaming boxes paid in full and the streaming less than $20 per month, we have more than enough TV/movie entertainment. If we need a baseball fix, we head over to the Rome Braves Stadium and enjoy some sunshine, hot dogs and ice cream.

Don't have a streaming box?  Well check out this article  about a laptop and streaming from your computer.  Poof! You have just saved a bundle! ☺

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