Tuesday, August 11, 2015

"Hello, This is Bridget (Or Rachel) from Card Holder Services"

When it comes to running a business, the last thing you need is to be inundated with junk phone calls and the number one pest is "Card Holder Services". Matter of fact, the FTC considers "Bridget from Card Holder Services" to be Enemy #1.

Well, the FTC may not have solved this ongoing problem but I have found help from the customer reviews at I searched online, then narrowed it down to a couple of options. I was very excited when I found the CPR Call Blocker capable of blocking 1200  (yes, 1200) numbers. Robocallers can change their number and I still can block them!  I reduced the robocallers to my business line within a couple of days of adding this device. CPR Call Blocker V108 - 1200 Number Capacity - World #1 - Block Telemarketing Calls Now! ( Affiliate Link but personal review without any payment. Just passing on a great tip!)

The setup took about 15 minutes for me (some said it only took a couple of minutes in the reviews). The instructions might vary based on your phone provider and it might work just a little different for you. For some, it won't ring at all, for others like myself, it rings once. At that I can cheer that I am successful again at winning the junk calls.  The first time they call, press the button and it automatically disconnects and blocks that number from calling again. I also have it programmed on our other phones if you are away from the desk (#2 to block) and using one of the other phones.

I purchased this item based on the reviews and I couldn't be happier. It works and solves the problem. Not only did it put "Bridget" on hold but any other telemarketing that I didn't sign up for or request. It can also block international, private numbers and area codes.  I have blocked that fax number that has auto redial! I can't wait until the election calls next year and the opportunity to reduce those calls as well.  I don't need robocalls to make a decision on my choice of candidate. Ok, I might be easily amused but after years of SPAM calls, this solution makes me incredibly happy.

So take my advise, order this today. If you have Amazon Prime, it could be by your phone in a couple of days.  Consider the amount of time and stress you get from running to get the phone only to hear that annoying robocall on the other end.  Goodbye, Bridget and Rachel!☺

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